Committee roles and responsibilities


Committee Roles and Responsibilities

Appleton Village Pre-school is a registered charity and a non-profit making organisation. It is run by a parent-led voluntary committee comprising of a Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary and general committee members. As a community based, voluntary managed setting, we depend on the goodwill of parents and their involvement to keep going. Membership of the setting carries expectations on parents for their support and commitment. Joining the committee is an excellent way of getting involved with your child’s early education.

Committee members are elected at the AGM in September, but anyone wishing to join the committee at another time will be very welcome and should speak to any existing committee member or member of staff for more information.

The committee is responsible for the effective running of the pre-school, such as managing the setting’s finances, employing and managing the pre-school’s staff, ensuring the setting has effective policies in place that help to provide a high quality setting, and making sure the setting works in partnership with the children’s parents.

Being part of a committee can be both enjoyable and rewarding, individuals bring with them various skills, talents, expertise and ideas that can be used to enhance the group. In return, opportunities to develop new skills in areas such as management, marketing and recruitment can be gained.


Reasons to prevent you becoming a Trustee / Committee member

You cannot become a Trustee if you are:

  • Under 18 years of age
  • Disqualified under section 72 of the Charities Act 1993, because for example, you are an undischarged bankrupt or have an unspent conviction for an offence of dishonesty or deception
  • A paid member of staff can be elected onto the committee but with conditions attached (see model constitution 2011)


The Role of Chairman:

Job Description

  • The public face of the committee. The Chair represents the  group in an official capacity at public events and open meetings.
  • Chair all committee meetings and ensure that these meetings run effectively. If the Chair is unable to attend a meeting, it is their responsibility to find a volunteer replacement.
  • Ensures that the committee operates to its constitution and holds the correct number of meetings a year.
  • That decisions are voted on by a quorum of members, either for or against a proposal
  • Organise an AGM annually.
  • Responsibility for staff line management
  • Responsible for recruitment of staff (with support from other members & supervisor)
  • Support the treasurer and secretary and oversee that they are managing their roles and responsibilities.
  • Make quick decisions in the event of a crisis. You must try to canvass the opinion of as many of the committee as reasonably possible before making a decision if it is essential that a decision be made before the next committee meeting.
  • Act democratically and not as a dictator.


The Role of Treasurer

Job Description

  • Responsible for reporting to the committee all matters to do with the groups finances.
  • sign cheques on behalf of the group, as one of two signatories.
  • Present a financial report of fundraising to each committee meeting.
  • Give an annual financial report of fundraising at the AGM
  • Primarily focuses on overseeing the fundraising finances but should have an overview of the financial matters of the pre-school


The Role of Secretary

Job Description

  • Prepare agenda for meetings (in consultation with the Chair) and circulate to committee members
  • Attend meetings and take minutes
  • Send and receive letters on behalf of the group and keep a record of correspondence
  • Inform committee of dates and times of meetings
  • Inform everyone of dates and times of open and annual meetings
  • Arrange the venue for meetings
  • Co-ordinate circulation of relevant documents to committee members



The committee

  • are collectively responsible for managing the group.
  • must appoint a Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
  • must be aware of and comply with current legislation.
  • recruit and line-manage the staff.
  • must do their best to ensure the financial stability of the group.
  • must try to recruit future members of the committee
  • the committee does employ an administrator.
  • does have a fundraising sub group.